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Wasting money on short-term traditional sealants is a thing of the past.  Resurfacing asphalt with Tuffseal locks in the flexibility of existing pavement.  Tuffseal’s resurfacing technology eliminates the expense of costly overlays, as well as prevents tearing out and replacing old pavement.


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Asphalt and concrete will eventually deteriorate due to wear and exposure to the elements.  Tuffseal bonds to the existing pavement surface and safeguards it from UV and water degradation. This extends the life cycle of the pavement while enabling it to look and perform like concrete.


Tuffseal is a non-toxic sealant that is not only harmless to the eco system but also actually improves air quality.  This Cool Pavement preservation material is an environmentally friendly and longer lasting alternative to coal tar and asphalt-based sealants.

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