Concrete Repair

Tuffseal is able to repair milled or spalling concrete without having to tear out and replace the concrete. It makes an excellent green concrete repair material for the following reasons:


  • Binds to concrete and will not delaminate
  • Provides a waterproof membrane that will protect the rebar from corrosion and arrest deterioration of the pavement
  • Tuffseal in our color, Solar Reflective Gray, blends well with concrete as the colors and texture are very similar
  • Tuffseal is a completely environmentally friendly pavement preservation material
  • Cures quickly which minimizes traffic interference.  Cure times vary based on temperature, humidity, and exposure to sun.
    • On a hot day, an average curing time is one to one and a half hours.
  • Can be applied at a fraction of the cost of tearing out and replacing old concrete without sacrificing aesthetics
  • Continuing to use and refurbish the existing pavement makes sense for the environment


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