Cadillac Dealership

Tyler, TX


100,000 sq. ft. Parking Lot

Entire parking lot including asphalt and concrete were resurfaced with Tuffseal to provide an upscale, uniform look.



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Arp Independent School District

Arp, TX


Elementary School and High School Parking lots sealed and additional Tuffseal surfacing has been requested.




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Bridge Deck Resurfacing

Denton, TX


Concrete bridge was resurfaced and tined. City engineers requested additional Tuffseal bridge projects.

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Commercial Office Parking

Atlanta, GA


Turner Enterprises executive parking lot was sealed with Tuffseal Eco Grey to provide a solar reflective, cool pavement surface in downtown Atlanta.




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Valencia Falls HOA

Valencia Falls Home Owner's Association


1.5 mile walking path was preserved with Tuffseal.

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Other Projects

A few of the many other Tuffseal projects, both Domestic and International.


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