What is Tuffseal?

Tuffseal is a Portland-based Polymer Micro-Overlay (PMO) which is primarily used as a pavement preservation material.  As a polymer-modified Portland cement composition, this durable material creates an exceptional bond to asphalt, concrete and metal.  Tuffseal preserves asphaltic pavement by shielding it from the deteriorating effects of the environment, chemicals, fuels and traffic.  It also restores spalled and damaged concrete pavement to an attractive, smooth running course.  Tuffseal products can be customized to integrate color in the material and provide high friction numbers, so they are also valuable where safety and esthetics are a factor.  This flexible, clean, quiet riding, green pavement sealant is beginning to revolutionize the maintenance industry because of its ability to dramatically extend the life-cycle of pavement structures.


Tuffseal Quick Facts

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